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08 May 2011 @ 06:47 pm
Konnichiwa, Minna!
Ogenki desu ka?

Hmmmm, recently, while i was clearing out my old hard disk (i had 5gb worth of Kame Pics and another 5gb worth of Kat-tun pics! no joke. Let's not even delve into the video file.) when i found a stray change ur world.mp3 file in one of my folders. So i thought i might as well upload it than having it lie in my hard disk till it was forgotten eventually, right?

Ok, so here it is. It is my very first public cover, and very first attempt at a japanese song! there were quite some mistakes but i am sure minna would all be very nice to me and give me some encouragement right?
Ok i take it that silence means consent. so i thank you guys in advance.

Feedback are loved <3

So for now, Enjoy~!

Credits are on the video itself.
27 December 2010 @ 04:04 am
Minna san! Merry belated christmas!
Hope you guys are enjoying christmas as much as i am :D

This is my first time posting contents on this forum so imma try out posting with a review of kame's new song "plastic tears" first to get a hang of how this works. Im not sure if this is posted before tho. im hoping to be the first. haha.

A little bit of introduction of my own liking to the band before we begin... my favourite member is kame (the rest are all tied in second spot haha). the main reason why i love him is because he, like all human being,  has so many many flaws, but when it all comes together, it formed such a unique combination. thats what makes him HIM and what makes him special. kat-tun is my ultimate bias because i like their music style, their harmony and combination :D hahah, i can go on and on about how kat-tun are the "precious ones", but well i have a topic to cover so lets move on.

Ok, so on to the main topic. Recently, kame sang the song "plastic tears" in shounen club. i am guessing that it is for the new singles "Ultimate wheels", which im waiting so anxiously for. 

Please take a look at the youtube video of him (sexy) dancing and singing if you still haven't downloaded it/watched it yet (really, you should just download it!).

So now that everyone had looked at the video, its time for my review. to keep this more organised and neat, i will be going on one aspects at a time. so... here it goes!

Warning: the following contents are strictly the author's own opinions. i will try to be as objective as possible. You are free to comment and share your opinions but please don't be hostile. Afterall, everyone here are kat-tun fans, we should love each other, should we not? :) 

The tune for this song is uber catchy. i like how it combines elements of the lyrics into the song to make the song more prominent and catchy. i have listened to the songs only 5 times and the music is already stuck in my head. It prompts me to want to listen to it more :D

ratings: 4/5

Hmmmm, compared to all the other aspects of this song, the lyrics are a bit... weak, i guess. i think the lyrics are too figurative and deep. Its deep because its not really straight cut and its hard to grasp the full meaning.
Also, from what i understand from the lyrics, "plastic tears" seemed to mean "fake tears". but then again, it seemed to be talking about another thing altogether. its really quite hard to guess. someone please enlighten me with this T.T
I guess its understandable that the english lyrics in the song are slightly flawed. but they could probably cut back on these tendency of using english lyrics. afterall, i think the japanese lyrics fits the song much more and kame looks more at ease singing them.

Let me show you an example:
Plastic tears I wanna go there (come on, baby)
Plastic tears But I can't go (why do you think so?)
Plastic tears coz pieces of glass (I can take it)
Plastic tears I maybe waste your time.
Plastic tears

Bad grammar aside, i really don get where the glass came from. and the "i maybe waste your time" part doesnt really gel with the rest of the lyrics T.T 

ratings: 2.5/5

As expected from our dearest kame, he never does fail to disappoint with his flamboyant (in a good way) dance move. i dunno if its just me, but i have the feeling that this is Michael Jackson Inspired. well, i saw the infamous moonwalk somewhere, and then the crouch grabbing action a couple more times. hmmm, but whatever. what matters is that he looks hawt in the dance moves, esp those MJ inspired :D. the way he grooved is to die for man. i love the way that elements of the lyrics are also found in the choreography, like the "i wanna untie your chain" part :D
the best part of all, my favourite part of the entire choreo, is the part where he does nothing but touch himself when he sings these lines:

Plastic tears I wanna go there (come on, baby)
Plastic tears But I can't go (why do you think so?)
Plastic tears coz pieces of glass (I can take it)
Plastic tears I maybe waste your time.
Plastic tears

i literally melted. he cant be more sexy. he reminds me of everything good in the world. he brought handsome to another level. the best thing is, i paused and go back to the start of the entire thing again just so i can see the parts again. and then the whole cycle repeats itself.

Ratings: 5/5

i discussed this issue with my friends and a big argument ensued. personally, with my very very little music background (i used to learn piano and i played a small role in my school's choir), i have always felt that kame's singing is definitely not "there" yet. Do note that i have quite a high expectation of kame's singing, really. apparently, my friend thought otherwise. she said that his singing is "perfect", and she gave me the example of 1582. yes, everyone had been saying how great 1582 is, isnt it? it definitely is a great song, i love it so much and it fits his voice to the T, but i wont use that song as a comparison because half of the tunes are autotuned. i prefer aishiteiru kara, the single he sang in love yourself LE A, where it was just him and a guitar and very light piano accompaniment. haha anyway, thats really besides  the point.

what i really want to say is, kame's voice is really not "my type" of voice (i would leave elaborations for another time) , but it sounded quite nice for plastic tears. i dunno if its just me, but i have the feeling that some parts of the songs are lip-synced (don't kill me fans, i really, genuinely felt that way) because it was really too smooth for a live perf and for a dance routine that heavy. ok, maybe im jus paranoid. but it was really not bad, the singing i mean.

On the topic of lip-sync, though, i am perfectly fine with lip-synching, but it must be done in moderation. i mean they are all human afterall, not superheroes, i do not expect them to sing and scream for 4 hours today and come back tomorrow singing with a perfect voice (im talking about concerts btw). so yup,i think what kat-tun done is adequate and good.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Definitely on repeat on my itunes for the next 2 months. its really a unique combination of interesting dance steps and catchy songs. i love how i hate the lyrics yet love the entire song when it all comes together. one of my favourite song this december :D

ratings: 4/5

ok. because it is sang by kame, it redeems all the flaws so i insist on making this perfect.

ratings: 5/5 because kame is the singer.

yes i am bias but well there is nothing i can do. im a kame fan afterall :D

I would really like to hear your feelings on the song too! Tell them to me, ya!
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23 December 2010 @ 02:28 am

This is my very first entry on livejournal. you guys can't see it, but im feeling kinda nervous now.
haha, the first entry is always the most prestigious, isn't it? i have been racking my poor overused brain on what can i put here, in my livejournal, as my very first post.

Wanted to upload music reviews, but i was too lazy to get started. wanted to dig through old poems but its so emo... so many options but only one post. 

But alas, i have decided the content for my blog post. what could be better than my very first lucid dream account? i know you guys must be wondering what it is all about, so read on to find out :D

lucid dream (LD) is when a person is able to control what happens in his or her own dream. its actually fun. imagine, you can be filthy rich and you can go out with your idols, hold hands with them and even get them to kiss you in those dreams. i know, "in your dreams" isn't exactly a good thing but... just but... i rather it happen in my dreams than not happening at all. right? right? RIGHT?

I hope i did sparked off a little of your interest towards LD :D when my friend told me i was all excited to try it out. there are instructions to follow to ensure a smooth passage to lucid dreaming. http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/lucid-dreaming-techniques.html

Anyway, i would not say im born with the talent of LD since i have only LD once (since the time i was aware of it), but i can will myself to a dream easily. anyway, the instructions says to watch the videos and to listen to some mp3 that keeps your mind awake. but being the lazy me, i did not do any of the following even though i had wanted to LD. In fact, i had not even plan on wanting to LD until the morning itself. and i jus did it, the WILD method, which means willing my body to sleep while my brain stays awake so i can lucid dream.

Here is my experience (it was quite some time ago, probably 5 days so the details are getting fuzzy but i will write as much as i could):

I slept the night before and woke up naturally the next morning, almost 6 hours later. I was feeling quite sluggish then, and it was holiday so i have some spare time to laze around in my bed, so with this, i decided that im going to LD (ps. LD works better if ur tired). So i tried to go into sleep paralysis mode, where i totally cant move my body at all to let it sleep while my head must stay awake. while this is happening, i chanted to myself that "i will be awake when im dreaming" (not the right phrase to use. alternatively, you can let an mp3 do it for you but i don use it cos i wont be able to sleep listening to ppl telling me that i can be awake in my dream). so somehow, i did manage to achieve sleep paralysis and i got into the "crossover" period. most people feel earthquake like vibrations as they transcend to the dream world but there are some who experiences bright lights. for me, i tried to chant myself into believing that "there is and earth quake soon". i think it kind of work because i kind of felt vibration but the magnitude is a bit too small for my liking so i thought i failed. HAHAHAHAH. then i decided to think of bright lights. so i thought "i can see bright lights. im in the dream world". and yeah, bright light works better for me. because i saw a door appear and when i open the door, very very bright light poured into me bit by bit. and then... TADA IN MY LD WORLD ALREADY.

ok, so once i went into my LD world, all i saw was dark pitch black. im in somewhere, probably a lift, probably my own room (more likely). i remember that it keeps flickering because i had not focused on it enough so i tried to calm myself down and recollect my thoughts so i can focus properly. ok so once that was done, i immediately recalled that my friend went to the lift. somehow, i tried to focus on getting the lift to appear but when it appeared it was not the one from my building. so i was kind of disappointed. 

then i wanted to go home and tell my mom and dad about it so i focused again. this time when i reached home, i went to tell my mom and dad about my ld. i said "mom, dad i lucid dream leh". but my mom and dad were discussing some work stuff then my mom and dad just say "aiya, don't disturb me lah" so i walked away. hahahaha.

so after that i decided to try to fly but failed. i remember flailing my arms trying to fly but i just keep jumping and jumping and flapping my hands but i just could not be lifted up. i was jumping higher than usual, tho. haha

Ok after flying failed, i tried to meet my idol kame. so i focused on going to tokyo streets. i concentrated quite a bit on it and it appeared. it looked strangely familiar but i convinced myself in my dreams that i was in tokyo streets and im going to meet my kame. it is at here that my dream start to flicker and i had to concentrate harder. i remembered walking down the streets and after some time when i still havent meet kame, i have this naggy feeling telling me this is not tokyo streets. i was damn sad. so i closed my eyes and pictured again. when i open my eyes, i was back in the same place. i tried again and this time, i still reach the same place. i walked some more but i kind of know i won't meet kame anymore. and finally, before i woke up, it finally dawned on me that the place was chinatown. no wonder it had looked so familiar.

As you can see, im still an amateur in controlling all my dreams. hahaha but im working towards being able to ld properly. hahaha.

It was so much of a fun. u guys shud try it too and tell me how it turned out.

For the best results, please just follow the instructions on the link provided. i dunno why, probably its because i am mostly lucky, i can mostly tell when i am in a dream or not in a dream. like mostly, i will dream and somehow figure out that it was all a dream. so i had some headstart already. also, i also willed myself into dreaming dreams before. somehow, i think i have some experience about this topic before i even know about it. so yupp.

LD attempt: 1

I did a DILD too. DILD is dream induced, that means you caught yourself dreaming and u can thereafter control your dream. this requires immense luck and it happened once to me. i don't remember much about it anymore though. all i know is that i was having a normal dream about me doing something in the water when i went under to dive. somehow i was able to breathe in the water and that was weird. so i knew i was dreaming. immediately, i tried to concentrate on it but my concentration broke because of some external noise. so this is a failed attempt.

haha. i will try it again.

ok that about sums up this lengthy post. till the next time i chanced upon something interesting, this is yiwen signing off.


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